My professional career is grounded in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis on design and development in the automotive and energy sectors. Product engineering for mass produced engine parts? Check. Designing and delivering fuel reformers that create hydrogen from ethanol, gasoline, and diesel? Check. One-off combustion systems capable of heating your entire block? Check. 

I don't do these things alone, of course, and I pride myself on building and maintaining effective teams. I'm an experienced program manager, and have managed teams and projects for a wide range of customers, including federal and state agencies, private manufacturing companies, and early-stage energy start-ups.

In addition to Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Engineering, I also hold a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Wait, what's an engineer doing with an art degree? Communication, communication, communication. Every test report is a narrative and every elevator pitch is a short story. A good PowerPoint presentation probably isn't a poem, but I believe it should be edited like one.

I'm always up for a challenge. You can find me on LinkedIn, or contact me here.